Can I register online?

Yes. You can read about How to Register first, then proceed to the Register Now page which takes you to the online registration. You can also print and fill out a Registration Form PDF, then scan and email it back to us.

Are there scholarships or discounts available?

Scholarships: Cazadero has a very active scholarship program. If you are interested in applying for financial assistance please start by registering your camper, then filling out our Scholarship Application. Scholarships are awarded based on a combination of need and merit.

Discounts: There is a 10% discount available per session to those who send multiple children from the same family or for those sending one camper to multiple sessions.

Bring-a-Buddy Refund: The greatest compliment we receive is the referral of new campers from our current campers because of the positive and meaningful experience they had at Caz. To recognize that effort, we are pleased to offer te new Bring-A-Buddy to Camp Refund. It’s easy! Recruit a friend to come to Caz for the first time and you will receive a refund of $50 per week for each week the friend attends camp. Simply have the friend write on their registration form that you referred them to Caz and when they are fully registered, you will receive a refund check after the camp session has completed. For more information contact the Caz office.

What is the maximum number of campers per session?

The maximum number of campers per session is 168. Campers are organized by age and gender then grouped into tent units of 10–12 campers. These units—overseen by a counselor and counselor-in-training team—act as a family-like unit within the larger Caz community Units eat together and often socialize when not rehearsing.

How do I decide which session is most appropriate for my child?

We want every camper to have the optimum camp experience, to be both challenged and inspired but never overwhelmed. If your child qualifies for more than one session take into consideration the level of their musicianship, maturity and their personal preference. General guidelines are listed on our Schedule & Fees page and on the registration forms, in the section to be filled out by your camper’s music teachers. If you have additional questions please call us at 510-527-7500. We’d be happy to discuss the various session options with you.

Camp Life & Curriculum

How do I decide which session is most appropriate for my child?

The Camper Handbook is available online to read or download.

How do you select your counselors?

Our counselors are music students at the college and university level and come to us from all over the United States. They have a passion for teaching and mentoring youth, and for making sure that all of our campers have an exceptional musical and social experience at camp!

What is the likelihood of playing in the jazz band?

Jazz band participation is by audition only and limited to one week in the two-week sessions in order to give more campers the opportunity to participate. Jazz band instrumentation normally consists of trumpet, trombone, saxophones and rhythm section (bass, guitar, piano, and drums). A jazz workshop elective is available for any and all instruments and performs at camper ensemble night.

Is All Camp Choir required for the whole camp?

We offer All Camp Choir in the Young Musicians and Middle School Sessions and it is a required course for all campers. The class is one hour per day, and even our biggest vocal skeptics usually report enjoying their experience in All Camp Choir!

What sort of electives are offered at Caz?

During Young Musicians and Middle School sessions, campers participate in All Camp Choir for one hour each day. Campers may also select an additional one-hour elective class such as music theory, conducting, jazz improvisation, chamber ensembles, instrumental techniques, percussion improvisation, sports, arts and crafts or nature studies. Electives vary from session to session. Elective assignments are based on camper preference, level of ability, and class availability.

What is the staff to camper ratio?

The ratio of staff to campers is about one staff person for every three campers. This helps guarantee a healthy and happy camp environment. We also work to maintain a highly supportive camp environment, encouraging campers to mentor and help one another as well.

What about cabin assignments?

Cabin assignments will be made on the basis of age and school grade and are decided the week before the session begins. Campers are welcome to request specific roommates, but due to age and space constraints we can’t promise that we’ll be able to accommodate all requests.

How does Cazadero deal with discipline?

Cazadero staff are carefully trained to work with youth and maintain a positive, healthy and supportive environment at all times. It is assumed that campers are amenable to normal camp rules and will conform to the regulations of our camp program. In addition, Cazadero has a zero tolerance policy regarding violence, alcohol, illegal drugs, theft, weapons or vandalism. Campers found in violation of this policy will be sent home immediately with no refund of fees.

Transportation & Accomodations

What time should I arrive in camp on the first day if I do not take the bus to Caz?

Please arrive at camp on the first day between 10:30 AM and 11:30 AM. Our program begins promptly at 11:30 AM.

Do I have to stay at camp the whole time?

Yes. Campers have to be at camp for the entire session, from the first day through the last. Because of our music program’s focus on ensemble we cannot accommodate late arrivals, early departures or breaks mid-session. There are no exceptions to this rule.

What are the camper accommodations like?

Campers stay in large tent decks on platforms above the forest floor. Personal belongings and instruments are stored in the tent. Beds are set up on the outdoor deck where campers sleep at night under the stars. Showers and toilets are in buildings nearby and tents and changing rooms are available for privacy. Boys and girls camps are located at opposite ends of the property.

Is there laundry service at Caz?

There are no laundry facilities available at camp. For those campers staying longer than one week, parents can bring a set of clean clothes to replace the dirty laundry to the mid-session concert. Alternatively, parents can take their child’s laundry to Guerneville or another nearby town laundromat after the mid-session concert.

What items should I pack to bring to Camp?

You can read or download a Camper Packing List and is also available in the Camper Handbook.

Please do not bring: Portable stereo or audio systems, laptops, video game players, cell phones (they do not work in the canyon), beepers, fireworks (illegal in Western Sonoma County), electric clocks, radios or snacks. We also recommend you don’t bring anything you would really miss if it was lost or broken.

How much money should I bring to Camp?

There is no need to bring any money to camp. Each camper receives a camp t-shirt the first day and between meals snacks including peanut butter and jelly, water and fresh fruit are available. There is a camp store which carries camp merchandise, additional snacks and toiletries. Most parents open a camp store account through the Berkeley office when registering their child for camp. This allows campers to shop without having to keep track of any cash. A typical amount to put in a Caz store account is $10-$25 per week. Cash is also accepted at the store and parents can easily shop there before or after the camp concerts.

Is there laundry service at Caz?

There are no laundry facilities available at camp. For those campers staying longer than one week, parents can bring a set of clean clothes to replace the dirty laundry to the mid-session concert. Alternatively, parents can take their child’s laundry to Guerneville or another nearby town laundromat after the mid-session concert.

Communication & Visitors

How does mail get to my son or daughter?

Camp Addresses

  • If using USPS, send letters and small packages to:
    Camper’s Name
    Cazadero Music Camp
    P.O. Box 140
    Cazadero, CA 95421
  • For packages via FedEx or UPS send to:
    Camper’s Name
    Cazadero Music Camp
    5000 Austin Creek Road, #140
    Cazadero, CA 95421
Please note: Allow four days for letters sent via US mail to travel in either direction. While mail is delivered and distributed daily at camp, Express Mail arrives later in the day so please plan accordingly.

Can my camper use the telephone?

Under normal circumstances we do not allow campers to use the phone to call home, nor allow calls from home to the camper. If parents have a special circumstance that requires a telephone call to your camper please call the camp office at 707-632-5159 and ask to speak to the Cazadero Camp Director, and your message will be written down and delivered to your camper. In case of emergency, please do not hesitate to call the camp director at any time day or night.

What about visitors?

Because “drop in” visits can create a number of problems including disrupting programs, diverting staff or setting off bouts of homesickness in susceptible campers, they are not allowed during the week, except at concerts when parents are strongly encouraged to attend.

Does Cazadero have accessible parking for concert days?

Cazadero’s ADA parking is on the blacktop next to our dining hall/lodge. There is a paved path leading from the blacktop to the performance amphitheater as well as to ADA restrooms and the dining hall. In order to access the ADA parking. You’ll need to use our back entrance which is located at 5000 Austin Creek Road, Cazadero.

How can I contact the camp?

Our camp mailing address is:

  • Cazadero Music Camp
    P.O. Box 140
    Cazadero, CA 95421

To reach our Camp Director Jim Mazzaferro, you can either email or call 707-632-5159, including after hours.

To reach our Administrative office in Berkeley, contact Emily Brockman, our Registrar, at or 510-527-7500, Ext. 10.

What if my child becomes homesick?

Missing home is normal, especially for younger campers. In our experience it’s best not to prolong your departure from camp or suggest that your child might be homesick. We find homesickness typically subsides in 24 to 48 hours. Every counselor at Cazadero is trained to provide comfort and support, and encourage the formation of new friendships at camp. It’s helpful to have family members send funny stories from home, as well as writing encouraging letters (even leaving a few at the camp office). Write often—and please refrain from promising a camper that he/she can come home unless your child is truly ill.

Mail your letters right away. Don’t risk having your letter arrive after a child has left camp.

In our 50 years of creating a successful camp experience, we offer these suggestions for you to keep in mind:

  • Letters: In rare cases, a very homesick child might stretch the truth in a letter, hoping to gain your sympathy, to have you visit camp or take them home. Rest assured that our counselors are trained to handle most situations—talking with your child to help them feel reassured, and/or to resolve almost any issue that may arise.
  • Incoming calls: If you suspect your child is homesick, please don’t call the camp office to ask for your child. Homesickness is aggravated rather than relieved by phone conversations—and can disrupt camp activities.
  • Outgoing calls: Children are not allowed to call home. However, if our counselors or staff feel a situation has become unmanageable, we will definitely contact you!

Above all, rest assured that parents’ concerns are important to us! Feel free to contact our Camp Director who will be happy to discuss your child’s progress and our strategy for helping him/her adjust to camp.

What happens in case of emergencies?

Cazadero has multiple strategies in place to protect all campers in the event of an emergency. There is at least one full-time nurse who lives at the camp during our Summer Music Camp and acts as a first responder for any injuries. There are plans in place for moving campers to local emergency clinics or nearby hospitals if necessary. In addition, all camp staff are regularly drilled in safety and evacuation procedures and many have both first aid and CPR training as well.

How does Cazadero deal with health and safety issues?

All campers are required to submit a doctor’s signed approval for camp participation. In addition, the information you provide on the Confidential Health Form provides an opportunity for staff to effectively accommodate any special help your child might require. Please share the health information requested and be assured that it is handled in the strictest confidence, and kept with your child’s medical records in the Infirmary. In addition, campers are screened for medical problems at check in.

Occasionally campers do become ill at camp or require other medical attention. Our camp has a well-equipped health facility, complete with dispensary and isolation rooms. A certified nurse or EMT is on-call 24-hours a day while camp is in session.

In addition to our camp’s medical staff, arrangements have been made with nearby physicians and local hospitals for consultation and emergency service. In order to ensure a child’s ability to be treated for any and all medical emergencies, we require the parent’s SIGNED authorization, and a list of ALL HEALTH INSURANCE ACCOUNTS. This paperwork is required for each camper prior to their arrival at camp.

Any time a camper is referred for medical treatment outside of camp, or is restricted from normal program participation for more than 24-hours, we will contact parents. In the event that your child requires medical treatment beyond our medical staff, you will be advised of and billed for such services, through your family accident/health medical insurance, and for any other medical expenses such as special medication and/or supplies recommended by the physician.

All prescription medication brought into Camp must be accompanied by written orders, signed by a physician. Orders must include the camper’s full name, dosage amount, delivery times, and any limitations or restrictions.