Board of Directors
  • Bruce Lowry, President
  • Greg Johns, Treasurer
  • Leslie Blackie, Secretary
  • Ellen Winograd, Vice President
  • Beth Lutt, Founder
  • Tamara Arroyo
  • Farron Ezakovich
  • Cheryl Yee Glass
  • David Golden
  • Cherie Green
  • Colby Lavin
  • Artie Lawyer
  • Bill Lutt
  • Rebecca Lutt
  • Joan Murray
  • Emerson Urry
Caz Wants You!

Love Caz? Is it your kid’s favorite week or two of the year? Are you a former camper or staffer that misses the connection to the camp? Or are you just a fan of music education? We’d love to get you involved in Cazadero on a regular basis. Consider applying to join our board!


Cazadero is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, run by a full time executive director and guided by a board of directors. The board is responsible for setting broad goals and direction for organization, overseeing Cazedero’s financial wellbeing, advising staff on a range of matters and helping ensure that the Cazadero experience remains amazing and unique. The board has committees to look at finance, site maintenance, upgrades and other issues as they arise. The board meets roughly six times a year—on a weekday evening for two hours—with provision for dial-in options for folks who can’t make it in person to the Berkeley office.

Criteria for Membership
  • A deep commitment to the power of music education to shape young people.
  • A true willingness to roll up the sleeves to engage on the full range of issues the board addresses.
  • A skill set that can help the board be a stronger board and the camp a better camp. That can range from knowledge on budgeting and fundraising to insights into nonprofit or business management to know-how on maintaining physical plant. We are particularly interested in skill sets that will complement existing board membership.
  • The ability to commit to participation in the scheduled board meetings over the course of the year and to come up to camp at least once or twice during the summer.
  • A baseline financial commitment to the camp (we currently ask board members to contribute at least $600 per year to Cazadero).

If this sounds like you, we encourage you to fill out this short questionnaire and send it in to Cazadero’s Executive Director, Emily Wainacht, at

Cazadero’s Board of Directors currently consists of 16 individuals with expertise in music education, nonprofit management, business, law, medicine, communications and more. We are grateful to this dedicated group of volunteers, who work tirelessly to ensure that Cazadero Music Camp continues to thrive and inspire young musicians for decades to come!