The Caz guitar program is offered as both a primary instrument and as an elective in all camp sessions except the Young Musician session. The guitar program includes both individual coaching and the opportunity to participate in guitar and mixed chamber ensembles. The primary focus of the guitar program is acoustic and classical.


In the classical guitar program, daily group activities include improvisation, theory, technique and interpretation, developing practice skills, and listening to and critiquing great recordings. Students practice three hours each day, during which time they receive at least a half hour of individual instruction. This varied and intensified learning environment accelerates the students progress and enables them to focus for longer periods of time. Students are challenged to do their finest work in a relaxed, supportive atmosphere. Specific goals include learning new work, completing a work in progress, polishing a learned piece, and preparing one or more pieces for the final concert performance.

Examples of the desired requisite level for Cazadero guitarists can be found in Frederick Noad’s Solo Guitar Playing Book I.

  • Students in the Middle School Session should be able to play “Spanish Study” on page 49.
  • Students in the Junior High School Session should be able to play “Etude” by Ferdinand Carulli on page 83 of the same book.
  • Students in the High School Session should be able to play the pieces starting on page 112, including the ‘Canary Jig” by Sanz, pieces by de Visee, or the anonymous “Pezzo Tedesco” (from Chilesoti’s collection), or something similar.
Jazz Guitar

Jazz guitar is offered as an elective, and also in the Junior High and High School sessions by admission into the Jazz Band (Jazz Band auditions are conducted on the first day of camp.) Guitarists interested in Jazz Band must demonstrate some familiarity with jazz chords and provide their own amplified guitar. Jazz guitar is available for one week only during a two-week session. Therefore, your student should have enough technique and interest in the classical genre to accept instruction and play in classical ensembles in the alternate week.

At camp, music will be played in guitar ensemble, chamber music in mixed ensembles and solo, if desired. We will work primarily on acoustic instruments. Guitarists interested in Jazz Band must demonstrate some familiarity with jazz chords and will play amplified guitars in the jazz band and in guitar ensemble format. For more information on Cazadero and its guitar program contact the Caz office at 510-527-7500 today!