We are truly blessed that Marc Hudock decided to join the board 2 years ago after his daughter attended camp for the first time. He tagged along to serve as Health Officer and got hooked! He has been tremendously helpful guiding us through the pandemic – above and beyond. This week he served as Health Officer yet again – read his thoughtful reflection below:



June 2021

Dear Cazadero PAC Family,

I write this to you while sitting on the A-frame infirmary deck listening to LIVE music and watching kids be kids.  We have not seen much of this in the past 15 months due to Covid, but through perseverance, a ton of work by Jim, Anita, Emily, the Board and many others, Caz has survived.  It has not been easy, and it has not been cheap, but Caz has survived the Covid pandemic.

At the first rehearsal of Young Musicians on Monday afternoon, one of the Conductors told the musicians to “just play.”  She shared that she had not heard live music since March 16, 2020—15 months ago—and that no matter how good or how bad they sounded, it was going to be an emotional moment that would stay with her forever.   Then they played… Campers are proudly practicing for the concert which will be recorded and available for parents and family to hear the results of their hard work shortly.

During recreation time campers are making friendship bracelets, playing badminton, visiting the store, trying to beat each other in giant Jenga, and the highlight of the week—the squirt gun water fight.  We performed skits around the campfire, tried to “Make Mazz Laugh,” and thoroughly enjoyed Extreme Game Night.  All of this done while wearing masks and social distancing as much as possible.  Most importantly, it was kids being kids again, for the first time in 15 months.

Cazadero Performing Arts Camp just barely met our attendance goals for the year which helps to cover our basic operations.  However, we incurred a lot of additional expenses this year making Caz as safe as possible in the setting of a resolving pandemic.

As in 2020, the Cazadero Performing Arts Camp Board of Directors has agreed to match donations received from the Caz family, with an initial matching challenge of up to $5,000. You can make a gift through your preferred method, including Facebook, Network for Good, or by mailing a donation form.

Please consider donating to support this worthy organization and to allow music to continue to emanate from the redwoods by Austin Creek.


Marc Hudock, PA-C

Camp Health Officer, Young Musicians 2021


Cazadero Performing Arts, Board of Directors

Thank you to our Board President, Bruce Lowry, for writing this letter to the Caz family:



July 2021

What fun to see kids back up under the redwoods on Austin Creek, doing the Caz thing! My Caz connections date to 1973, when I was a first session trumpet player, well supplied with wax to put on my braces to not kill the lips. I switched to French Horn, but kept coming back to Caz, as camper and staff, including for several years when the camp went “on the road,” first to Mendocino, then to the Danville. Fast forward to 2007, when I first learned that Caz had been revived at its original site. I came to the 50th anniversary celebrations, saw old friends, and ended up joining the board. Once you get the Caz bug, you’re infected for life!

Over the last 13 years, we’ve faced a couple of existential threats for the camp, which operates as a non-profit. The Great Recession in 2009, when camper sign-ups fell off a cliff, had us tapping a bank line of credit to meet payroll. Coming out of that experience, we decided to build a rainy-day fund, leveraging generous donations from Caz supporters. When COVID hit, we were forced to cancel camp for the first time ever. Thanks to our financial planning, the great cutting work of Emily Wainacht and Jim Mazzaferro, and our ability to tap COVID relief funds, we were able to keep the camp in the black, leaving us ready for this summer when we’ve been able to return on a limited basis to Caz.

And, to top it off, during the complicated year of 2020, we were also deep in negotiations with the City of Berkeley, who owns the Austin Creek site, to renew our lease. Thanks to successful negotiations, including broad support from our Caz community at Berkeley City Council meetings, we’ve set Caz on course for its next 35 years with a new lease.

So 2021 is a year of rebirth for Caz a many levels! While we celebrate the return of kids to camp, we also recognize the need to regroup and recover from the financial challenges of the pandemic, and we hope you can help. We’re only able to do what we do at Caz because of our incredibly supportive community. Thanks for all you have done – and continue to do – for Caz!


Donate via Facebook, Network for Good, or by mailing a donation form.

Marc enjoying a moment of relaxation during his week serving as Health Officer.
Young Musicians Session 2021 Orchestra Rehearsal